10 Easy Bread Recipes for Improving Your New Skills

I have a list of 10 easy bread recipes for you to try while honing your new bread baking skills.  This is the 8th post in a 9-post series dedicated to helping you become a confident homemade bread baker.  You can find the first 7 posts here…

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Are you ready to bake bread!  Let’s go!

Amish White Bread

I shared a white bread recipe from Bosch Mixer way back in my first bread post.  If you are looking for another option this Amish White Bread recipe gets rave reviews on Allrecipes.com.

Bosch Family Favorite Rolls

Speaking of Bosch, this recipe makes some delicious soft rolls.  Use this recipe to practice your roll shaping skills and impress your family at dinner.

No-Knead Harvest Bread

This is a crusty, hearty loaf of bread.  This recipe requires no kneading and uses an extended rising time to let the gluten develop.  Try this recipe and learn how to shape a boule and bake bread in a covered baker such as a dutch oven.  This is a really nice loaf of bread from King Arthur Flour.

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread

I use my whole wheat bread recipe to make cinnamon raisin bread for my family.  They eat it up like candy!  I want to give you recipe options though, so try this whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread recipe from the Food Network.

Bread Bowl Recipe

I love eating soup out of a bread bowl, and they are not difficult to make.  It’s like shaping four small loaves of bread or four big rolls!  This recipe from Honeyville will turn your soup into a satisfying meal!

No-Knead Deep Dish Pizza

Who said all bread had to be in the shape of a loaf!  This recipe from King Arthur Flour is a family favorite in my home.  Feel free to mix up the toppings and cheese and make it your own.  This pizza dough is no-knead and quick to make up.  It’s delicious!

Gruyere-Stuffed Crusty Loaves

This recipe may be the only incentive you need to start baking bread.  Just writing the title makes my mouth water.  Gooey cheese in a crusty loaf?  Yes, please!  You’ll find this recipe over a King Arthur Flour.

Brioche Hamburger Buns

These buns from Eating From The Ground Up come highly recommended.  Soft and buttery, they are just the touch to elevate any hamburger with their homemade deliciousness.

Golden Pita Bread

Bread comes in all shapes and sizes.  It’s fun to experiment.  Try this recipe and watch those pitas puff in the oven.  Yum!  Again, it’s from King Arthur Flour.

Whole Grain Pain Au Chocolate

This Pain Au Chocolate is not flakey, but soft like a roll.  It’s addictive when filled with dark chocolate.  I use these Callebaut Dark Chocolate Sticks.  Yum!  Again, this recipe is from King Arthur Flour.  Yes, this post has been heavy with recipes from King Arthur Flour.   And for a good reason.  I strongly recommend checking out their website for all things bread.

This list should keep every homemade bread baker busy for quite a while practicing and perfecting bread baking skills.  Do you have a bread recipe that you love?  Share it with us in the comment section.



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