A Spotlight on My Favorite Tools for Bread Baking

I have a small but essential list of favorite tools that I use when making homemade bread.  Let me tell you about these kitchen tools that I use for bread baking.  This is the 5th post in a 9-post series dedicated to helping you become a confident bread baker.  You can find the first 4 posts here…

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Bosch Universal Mixer

I wrote about Bosch Mixers in a previous post.  You can read all about it here.  When making bread I use my mixer to bring my ingredients together into a dough, and I use it for kneading. Can bread be made by hand? Of course, but I wouldn’t make bread nearly as often if I didn’t have my Bosch mixer to handle the heavy mixing and kneading for me.


I prefer good quality, well-marked measuring glasses, cups, and spoons. I use these all the time in my kitchen and not just for bread baking.  Be good to yourself and invest in some quality sets.  I suggest this measuring glass and these measuring cups and spoons.

Some bread recipes provide ingredient measurements in ounces not teaspoons, tablespoons, and cups. I’m always glad to pull out my kitchen scale and measure my ingredients by weight. This scale measures in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters.

Shaping the Dough

Once my dough is kneaded and risen it’s time for it to be shaped.  When making multiple loaves of bread I use a bench scraper to cut the dough into individual loaves. Each loaf is measured on my kitchen scale to ensure that they are equal.

I work with my dough on a silicone mat like this one.  It’s a great work surface plus it provides a bit of needed friction when forming a tightly rounded loaf or roll.  Next week I will be talking all about shaping bread and explaining the importance of friction.  Don’t miss it!


High-quality baking pans are a pleasure to work with. I recommend these pans. I own 6 pans so I can make six loaves of bread at once. These pans clean easily and stack for storage. A light spray with cooking oil and my loaves slip right out without sticking.

Once your bread is baked, it needs to be removed from the pan immediately otherwise the bottom of the bread can become soggy.  Sturdy cooling racks like these are a must for bread baking.

There’s the list of all the kitchen tools that I use for my homemade bread baking.  With the right recipe, right knowledge, and the right tools you are destined to be a confident bread baker.

Have questions about baking bread?  I’d love to hear them!  Leave a comment below or contact me.








  1. Maura

    This is a great list of tools, with wonderfully helpful links! I have one to add: my dad bakes bread regularly, and he bought a small hand broom and dustpan (like this one: https://www.amazon.com/YB88213L-Hand-Broom-Dust-Pan/dp/B002JM8CT8) to use on the counter or table on which he kneads and shapes the dough! It was a brilliant idea; when I used to make bread, I found cleaning up the stray flour to be one of the worst parts of the project. The little broom is dedicated to this one task, so it never gets dirty; it just sweeps up all of the flour floating around and makes wiping the table or counter much easier!

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