How to Make a Paper Crown for St. Lucia’s Day

My daughter’s and I learned how to make a paper crown for St. Lucia’s Day.  I have pictures, instructions, and a few free printables to help you make your own crown.  Come celebrate with us!

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St. Lucia’s Day is December 13th, so you can consider this post a little retrospective.  My daughter’s learned about St. Lucia and the customary Sweedish celebration of her feast day earlier this fall.  They were excited by the idea of making a crown, a St. Lucia style gown, and breakfast buns for the morning celebration.  I agreed to their request to celebrate this year and our family enjoyed our first St. Lucia’s Day.

The name Lucia means light, and her feast day comes close to the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, signifying that Christmas is getting close.  In Sweeden, the day begins early in the morning with the oldest girl in the family wearing a white gown adorned with a red sash and a crown of lit candles on her head.  She brings the family breakfast of saffron buns and the celebration begins.  We switched up some of the customs to make the celebration more doable for us.  For one, we had two St. Lucia girls dressed in white and red and we made cinnamon buns to please our family’s taste.  We also chose to forgo a real wreath with candles for a more practical paper crown.

Let me show you how we made our crowns.

The Materials

Holly and Mistletoe Leaf Pattern -Free Printable PDF

Berries for St. Lucia Crown -Free Printable PDF

Green Card Stock in various shades

Red Card Stock

Yellow Card Stock

Orange Card Stock

White Card Stock

Ruler, Scissors, Pencil, Glue Stick, Stapler

Make the Base of the Crown

Choose a color of green cardstock for the base of the crown.  Measure and cut 2 1/2 inch strips down the length of the paper.  You may need 2 or 3 strips depending on the size of your child’s head.  Staple the strips together so you have one long green stip.  Shape the strip into a crown and place it on your child’s head for a good fit while holding the loose ends in place with your fingers.  Once you’ve adjusted the size of the circle, remove the crown from the child’s head and staple the ends of the paper to complete the crown.

Make the Decorations

Using the free printables print the Holy Leaves and Mistletoe Leaves out onto the green cardstock.  We used 6 different colors of green for a varied effect.  Cut the leaves out and decorate your crown as desired by gluing on the leaves.

Using the Berries printable print out the berries on red and white cardstock.  Cut out the berries and add them to the crown as desired with a glue stick.

Make the Candles

Cut strips out of the white cardstock for the candles.  My girls chose to make their candles about 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide and about 4 inches long.  Glue the white strips to the inside of the crown so they rise about the crown like a candle.

Cut out the shapes of the flame by hand and layer different size red, orange, and yellow flames together to make the flame effect.  Glue your flame to the top of your white candle.

There you go!  A St. Lucia Crown.  We avoided potential hurt feeling and chose to have 2 St. Lucia’s in our house this year.  It was lots of fun!  Instead of a gown and red sash, I made the girls white flannel nightgowns with a red accent.  Practical and cozy, they are getting a lot of use.  Come back soon because I’ll show you the nightgowns in a few weeks!



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