A Countdown of the Top 10 Posts of 2018

Simplicity 2457

Today I’m saying farewell to 2018 with a countdown of the top 10 posts of 2018 at Tending Home.

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2018 was an abbreviated year here at Tending Home.   I began this blog in September, so that provides us with only 4 short months for reminiscing.  Nevertheless, there is lots to talk about.  From motherhood to food to homemaking to hobbies, I write about what’s nearest to my heart; my home.  I’m humbled by the positive feedback I’ve received by so many of you who have found my blog and keep returning to see what’s new.  Thank you for making 2018, and my introduction into the blogosphere, so positive and hopeful.  I’m looking forward to 2019, and I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Let The Countdown Begin!

number 10











Get Ready for the Holidays! October Check Lists


number 9








How to Become a Confident Homemade Bread Baker

number 8








How to Make Hearty Burritos for Hungry Snackers

number 7








Why I Love Opening Windows in the Fall

number 6

Plate of Delicious Muffins








How to Make Delicious Fresh Peach Muffins

number 5

Holiday Time






What to do Now to Ease Holiday Stress

number 4


Organized Laundry System








Simple Tested Advice for Laundry Room Freedom

number 3

Sewing Machine








The 10 Best Ways to Learn How to Sew

number 2

Outdoor Summertime










Summer’s Call to the Benefits of Being Outdoors

number 1

Simplicity 2457








My Sewing Challenge: A Beautiful Homemade Baptismal Gown




  1. Michelle

    I enjoyed re-reading some of these posts! Of your top 10, I made the following changes to better tend my home ❤️ –
    I love my holiday checklists, I have a bowl of burrito mix in the fridge now, I brought screens out of the attic and I have a few small sewing projects waiting on my table. I’ve enjoyed your website very very much! I can’t wait for more in 2019!

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